As disciples of Jesus we meet to share our experiences, to consult where we need advice, to support each other in our mission and to encourage each other to reach a consensus.

We value those people committed to attending meetings and to lead and represent the different groups at our Pastoral Council:

Father Barnabas (Liturgy)

Mary Francis (Chair) & (Catechesis)

Chris Roy (Vice Chair)

Sue Felton (PC Secretary)

Jenny Heseltine (Safeguarding Officer)

Craig Grewcock (Administration & Finance)

Maria Coleman (Friendship and Care Group)

Pat Milsom

Steve Ebsworth

Tom Heseltine

We welcome all parishioners who wish to observe or add to our discussions.

Proposed Constitution of the Parish Council

Purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council

The next Parish Council meeting is to be November 4th 7pm and it will be our AGM with Cheese and Wine as an encouragement.

Please feel free to go through the AGM Report in advance of the meeting.