What is this life, if it is spent,wondering where the money went.

Have no fear, the links below, will show you where the cash does go.


Our  Parish depends on the generosity of individuals for its income, and  if a parishioner is willing to sign a monthly standing order, this is the most welcome form of giving.  

A standing order provides a steady and predictable income, allowing forward planning, and if you are a taxpayer and sign a Gift Aid form then for every £1 donated, the parish receives an extra 25p from the government, thus making the total income to the parish £1.25. 

Giving by Gift Aid does not commit you in any way, does not cost you any more, and can be reduced or stopped at any time if your circumstances change.

If you are able to give by standing order, with or without signing a  Gift Aid declaration, then please speak to Michael Rowe.


The Giving Machine is another way to help