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Sacred Spaces an area where hopefully conversations with God will begin.  Areas to pause and think.

Sacred Spaces is open from October 23rd to November 6th 2019, we hope your experience is blessed.

Sacred Spaces 2019

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If you are looking from home please follow the picture with the Prayer Stations Leaflet which is designed to help.


It was nice to share a meal and be inspired by something different the subject was Art and Prayer and we linked with https://www.pathwaystogod.org/resources/praying-art and the book ‘Borrowing Others Eyes’ by Denis McBride. The atmosphere buzzed with conversation and insight. – September

October the subject was the Eucharist, November – Restoration and December – Death, watch out for more details in the Newsletters




October we are writing down our prayer intention, to highlight the final phase of the Year of Prayer. Each member of the congregation will be given a prayer intention form to fill in.  This will be collected as part of the offertory each Sunday throughout October. Later in the year these prayer intentions will be offered as a gift and help decorate the church for Christmas. 

At the end of October we will be creating Sacred Spaces for prayer throughout Our Lady of Lourdes. Tableaux to help in peoples journey of prayer are planned. 


I was raining in Newent as we left. Although cooler than the weather we have had the sun shone on us in the Forest at Beechenhurst. Where we were made most welcome.  Even when Val came second in the Boules competition. Perhaps next year more from Newent will go and we can relax together in our beautiful countryside.

Jenny and Tom arrived safely

They are now in Australia, after being on a plane that was diverted to Colombo for six hours due to a medical emergency.  Winter in Perth look pretty good. 🙂


Well 1st week has had its ups and downs. Sunshine and heavy rain. Kings Park in Perth is so lovely. Then I was taken for my 3rd celebration for my birthday. Afternoon tea in a revolving restaurant views over Perth had to be seen to be believed. Swan Valley today rain bit of wine tasting which made it better and of course ice cream. Jenny and Tom

Today, 10/7/2019, Jenny and Tom are off to Geraldton.  They have been swimming with the seal.  Getting used to sharing a house with several others and have been to the local church, watch out they are coming back with alot of ideas. They wonder if Father Barnabas would like a new chair – see the pictures. I like the memorial wall, a project we could do one year.

Jenny and Tom have seen lots of wild life and have visited Geraldton Cathedral. Tom has shown off his knees, I will not publish that picture.

Pentecost 2019

Pentecost 2019

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Work continues in the garden. John and Chris Walker among the many who have put in the back breaking work. So much has been achieved with Julian, Chris, Pat, Don and Marie carrying on the work that Tom started.

It is beginning to look like a worthwhile memorial to Tony Townsend.


Blaisdon are at it again.

Sharing, feeding each other and being a community.

Last week’s readings reminded us to love one another – and it was the end of Christian Aid Week. 

This seemed a good moment, to take part in ‘the big brekkie’ and enjoy a good brunch! Bacon butties and savoury croissants went down well and provided us with an excellent opportunity to  catch up on each other’s news.
The sum of £130 was collected to support Christian Aid’s work in Sierra Leone, where the infant mortality rate is shockingly high. This will help towards providing help and care for mothers and babies, training midwives and building health centres.

Blaisdon Christian Aid Big Brekkie

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Mothering Sunday 2019

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Mothering Sunday was a lovely gift to all the ladies in the church.  I am sure our Mother Mary would have approved of all the joy that came with the preparation that the children put in the day before.  Here are a few picture showing their hard work



A missionary for the Smile Foundation came to talk to us. It was inspiring hearing about a local young man committed to God’s work doing so great work.  Many of the people wanted to hear more about the work at the end of the Come and SEE session and Luke stayed and helped clear up.  He left us with more leaflets for people to read about helping people by improving their situation.

We thank Luke for his time and commitment and raised £140 towards The Smile Foundation on the evening thank you to those who were there.


At last the promised photo. It is The Sacred Heart in Newtown, Hobart. I asked for prayers for us and they would love us to pray for them. Felicia, Agnes’s sister is on the steps. They were a smaller congregation than us and the choir was made up of a dedicated choir master plus four! They led a Latin Mass which is the first I heard since I was a child. 

A very blessed and happy Christmas to you all,
with love,

Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018

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It was a honour to be part of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations at the weekend for Bro Loarne’s Anniversary of serving as a Fransican Brother. We prayed together, ate together, learnt together and celebrated together. 

We all enjoyed the day and come away learning more about Tolkien and Angels. Thank you Loarne for inviting us.


Completion of year-long Diocesan Catechists’ Course at Cathedral

We are grateful to the commitment of Steve, Chris, Sue and Mary.  Congratulations.



Our Lady of Lourdes and U.R.C came together to bring this celebration to Newent. Squadron Leader Andy Marshall joined us celebrating 100 years of flight over Great Britain on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain.  We were reminded that deaths occurred not just in battle as the new inventions in the sky were developed.


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It was a fond farewell to Fr John Eze he again opened the gospel for us in his homily and reminded us that we are family and that we walk with God.  Although it was sad that Blaisdon would not have Mass there on a Sunday for a while, the group plan to come together in prayer and worship. We look forward to some of them coming with Siobhan this week for her COME AND S.E.E evening.

Fr John’s Farewell

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Violette Szabo GC Museum Wormelow Herefordshire HR2 8HN

A group from the church went to Violette’s museum and heard of her courage and support of others during a horrendous time. We heard of what happened to her and some of the women risking their lives for us during the war. It was a brighter group that met together at Maria’s home for tea and cake with talk of gluttony and confession on the agenda.

Violette Szabo With Friendship And Care Group July 2018

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