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    Third Sunday of Easter (Year A) 26th April 2020
    Sunday Mass )
    Wednesday Mass ) https://vimeo.com/forestrcchurch – available from 9am Friday Talk )
    Wednesday 29th April Feast of St. Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church and Patron of Europe.
    Thank You
    To start with, thank you to everyone who is helping to keep others safe in any way. Making phone calls is also helping to keep people in touch which is part of keeping people safe. Thank you to Kristyann and Gail for all their work, they have both now been furloughed. Thank you also to Peter for making the recordings possible.
    Yvonne Sosna from the Pludds, in the Forest, has died. R.I.P.
    Prayers please for the Dilke Hospital at Cinderford which has the virus. Obviously, prayer for all the front line staff.
    Are we nearly there yet?!
    I hope we don’t come out of lockdown too soon! However we can watch what happens with countries that are ahead of us. This is a case that as countries around the world we can learn from each others mistakes. The lockdown and the isolation is putting us all under pressure. How did our parents and grandparents manage 6 years of the Second World War? Would you be able to ask for help if you were struggling, would you notice if someone else was struggling? You could give me a phone for a chat. What is happening in both parishes is that I am being tipped off of whom needs a call. This is a good way for us to be caring for each other. Many of you will have skills to be able to do this yourselves. To know that someone is praying for you is a help in itself.
    Bless you all. Barnabas