Are you wanting to share the Good News, but don’t know where to start? Ease yourself in gently: Challenge yourself to make one or more of these ‘ordinary’ practices part of your everyday routine. You’ll be surprised at how rewarding it can be!

1. Everyday Evangelisation In The Home

* Pray grace before and after meals

* Show symbols of your faith

* Have a religious calendar with dates of Baptisms, First Holy Communions, weddings etc. Or add them to your birthday book.

* Establish family rituals based on the Church year

* Create new prayer movements in your home

* Have a Family Bible in every home

* Everyday Evangelisation in your Parish

* Get involved in your Parish

* Periodically sit in a different place in Church to get to know others

* Be gracious in the Car Park

* Explain rituals in advance to those who are not familiar with th Catholic faith

*Pray for the Parish leaders and for each other

2. Everyday Evangelisation in the Workplace

* Transact all business deals honestly

* Offer to pray for a co-worker who has shared a personal concern

* Interact with co-workers who share your religious faith

* Respect other religious faiths

* Pray before making decisions

* Verbalise Christ in your life

3. Everyday Evangelisation for Those Experiencing Stress

* Give ongoing support

* Send a Mass Csrd

* Make a phone call

* Send a text message or an email

* Pray with or for that person

* Seek out agencies or support services that can address their needs

4. Everyday Evangelisation In All Situations

* Respond with, “Thank God!” Whenever someone shares goos news with you

* Carry a symbol of faith

* Share a story of how God has been good to you/works in your life

* Ask people to pray for your intentions

* Assist those who are searching for answers to their faith

* Reach out to those who have not been to church recently, or have no faith community

* Treat everyone with dignity

* Share a smile and a personal greeting

* Share information about your faith with your neighbours

5. Everyday Evangelisation Through Social Justice

* Help those who are less fortunate by sharing time, or money

* Identify your own prejudices

* Network with those who support your values

Watch the news with the eyes of Christ

Learn the facts on all sides of an issue

* Publicly express your opinion]

* Act on your conviction

* Learn and address the values of our government

* Vote intelligently

6. Everyday Evangelisation Through Special Days

ADVENT: Candle or wreath in your home

NEW YEAR’S DAY: Make a resolution to evangelise and share the Good News

ASH WEDNESDAY: Receive ashes and wear them proudly

LENT: Display a cross in your home. Commit to acting justly in all areas of your life

EASTER: Celebrate the Triduum

REDEEM OTHER DAYS: St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Holy Days, All Saints’ Eve

Good News Magazine No 209 August 2010


The Joy of the Gospel:

“We evangelise not with grand words or complicated concepts, but with the joy of the gospel, which fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.” Pope Francis July 2015