“Today many assume that life has no ultimate meaning, that we are born into this world of colour, shape and sound with no purpose except to disappear some seventy or eighty years later. There are others who still continue to search for the true meaning of their lives and a small number who are convinced they have found it”.

The above is the introduction to a section on the Catholic faith contained on a website, the link to which is below. This Catholic faith section lays out a first contact with Catholic faith, the Church and how they connect to the meaning of our lives. To link to the website CLICK HERE.

The website also contains news and events related to the Catholic church in England and Wales.

For a simple guide to the Catholic faith it is hard to beat the “PENNY CATECHISM” which sets out in a simple question and answer form the main points of the Catholic faith. (370 questions in all are answered in a very straight forward manner).

For a non-denominational introduction to the Christian faith see the Alpha link on this page.