Special Collections 2014



NOTE. Unless stated otherwise this is only money that goes through the church books. i.e. It does not include cheques given in a collection, but made out for payment to the charity.

Special Collections set by Clifton Diocese
Catholic Education Service                                                                   £107-45.
Clifton Childrens Society                                                                       £227-81.
Holy Places                                                                                                  £257-81.
Clergy Training Fund                                                                               £156-86.
Catholic Communications Network                                                  £175-76.
Priests Retirement Fund                                                                        £233-36.
Peter’s Pence                                                                                               £128-41.
Day for Life                                                                                                  £264-84.
Apostleship of the Sea                                                                            £171-68.
Bishop’s Charitable Fund                                                                       £192-49.

Home Mission Sunday                                                                            £190-79.

Cathedral Appeal                                                                                      £160-00.
MISSIO (A P F)                                                                                           £238-07.
Catholic Youth Service                                                                           £119-00.
Poor Missions of Diocese                                                                       £281-00.
Additional Parish Collections
Pax Christi                                                                                                    £181-52.
CAFOD Lent Fast Day                                                                              £489-00.
British Red Cross(UK emergency appeal)                                     £465-70.

Christmas crib collection to Children’s Society                          £25-51.

CAFOD Philippines Appeal (Christmas card appeal)                 £159-00.
Missionary  Society of St. Columban                                                £513-06.

OLLI                                                                                                               £655-91.
CAFOD Harvest Fast Day                                                                      £586-61. (including parishioner cheques).

CAFOD Gaza Appeal                                                                                £299-09.