Parish Evangelisation Cells

In June 2017 Fr Aidan, Jeanette Trevail and Mary Francis attended the 28th Parish Evangelising Cells Conference in Milan, Italy.

Fr Aidan has enthused about the Cell system since attending the 27th Conference so there was some interest already.

After Milan with the Liturgist and the Adult Formation catechist sharing the enthusiasm, the scene was set for the initiation of a cell in Newent.

The Parish is still at the exploratory phase: there is much work to do in developing this initiative, especially with training cell leaders, but there is a sense of excitement in the air.

Parishioners who attended the ‘taster’ sessions have expressed delight in the sense that the Holy Spirit is working through the Cell Movement and have been willing to give their time and their blessing to further it.

Pope Francis gives the PEC’s his blessing here.

Mary Francis’ notes from the Milan Conference may be found below: