In addition to the Church in Newent we also have a mass centre at Blaisdon Village Hall.

The community that meets round the Eucharistic Table in Blaisdon Village Hall each Sunday is very open and welcoming.

We have a reputation for producing great music and for getting involved in matters of justice and peace (CAFOD).

We are also involved in Fair Trade and in giving practical help to genuine asylum seekers.


Blaisdon, the way ahead…


FIRST SUNDAY REFLECTIONS, a time to take stock…

IMG_6970We know change is coming sometime in the not-too-distant future.

We have agreed that it’s a good idea to meet, reflect on what we have, think and pray about possible changes ahead and ways of keeping our community members in touch with each other.

First ‘REFLECTION’ evening, Sunday 6th September, from 7.00-8.00pm, then the first Sunday, same time each month, in the village hall.

Pray, talk, sing, laugh, drink, eat (tea & cake!)

Everyone welcome young, old and in-betweens.



October First Sunday Prayer Evening at Blaisdon



We aim to be very democratic, taking turns to lead with a particular theme – in October it was ‘Harvest’; in November, ‘Remembering’; in February, a CAFOD Stations of the Cross. Volunteers for March, April…..?






Advent 2015 at Nympsfield

Music and singing are an important feature of the Nympsfield tradition.The advent weekend retreat at the Marist Sisters convent at Nympsfield is a long-established tradition now – in 2015 we  had three generations of family present; babies, teens and twenty-somethings returning because they really want to be there and have been coming since they were tiny, and old un’s who don’t want to miss out on beginning real preparation for Christmas.

Prayer, singing, craft work, a bracing walk, an inspiring Mass,  preparing food and eating and drinking together, the whole weekend ending with extraordinarily good impromptu drama performances from all of the ‘yoof’. This year we had their interpretation of the Nativity as seen on the Jeremy Kyle show.

First weekend in Advent – long may it continue!




Pilgrimage to the Door of Mercy at Prinknash on Saturday 25th June.

Through times of sunshine, cloud and short sharp showers a merry band of pilgrims walked from Standish Woods (near Haresfield Beacon) over hill and dale, through fields clothed with orchids and buttercups. We picnicked at Painswick in the churchyard, joined by more walkers to double our numbers then moved on to our destination, arriving at St Peters Grange by 4.30 as planned by our trusty organiser! We were met by yet more parishioners and a few others who joined our procession and service of songs, prayer and reflection on the prodigal son. It was a memorable day and could become a new annual tradition?

DSC_0591 DSC_0620 Group-2 Abbey-2

Greetings from Pat and Beryl!

Our most senior parishioners, greatly missed now on Sundays at Blaisdon are now at Bay Tree Court in Prestbury (not far from Cheltenham Racecourse) and welcome visitors any time.


Update: as from Jan 2017, Pat and Beryl have moved to Cookridge Court, Iveson Road, Lawnswood, Leeds LS16 6NB. They are close to three of their children there and have written to say that they have settled in well up there (though Pat sometimes finds the accents difficult!)


First Sunday Reflection evening for July took the form of a virtual pilgrimage following our more energetic walk a fortnight earlier. A  very moving and thought-provoking set of meditations, prayers and images from CAFOD was used as our focus, their “Refugee Solidarity Pilgrimage”.

In this Year of Mercy , Pope Francis invites us all to make a pilgrimage. This is especially powerful in the light of the current migration crisis when more people than ever before are on forced journeys, far from home, fleeing war, poverty and persecution.

If you missed it and would like to know more about it, click on “Resources” on CAFOD’s website.



Another wonderful retreat weekend in the traditional manner- but where did the time go? The littlest members of the cast of this year’s fantastic improvised ‘modern nativity’ reminded us of their mother playing the same part just a (seemingly) few years ago.




CAFOD’s focus this year is on the work being done in the North of Zambia; Veronica and her family, and the whole community have profited from the help given by CAFOD to dig ponds and set up a fish farming project.

She started out with fish the size of a thumb; Veronica’s careful nurturing has meant nutritious meals for her family, and having enough to sell which has led to schooling for her children and an adequate house for the family. Veronica has been able to help others by training them in the same way and providing baby fish for others to start the cycle again.

So our challenge is to do the same this Lent – metaphorically if not literally, to make little fish grow into Big Fish. Our First Sunday meeting for March was spent in learning about this work, our involvement and ideas for future events. Small paper fish were decorated with thoughts and prayers to take home as a daily reminder throughout Lent, to bring back as part of our Easter offering. And little fish biscuits went down a treat!




CAFOD- HARVEST FAST on Friday 6th October followed by HARVEST FEAST on Sunday.

This year CAFOD’s family fast day information was focusing on crops and seed production in El Salvador. CAFOD’s partners there are helping farmers to reintroduce old seed varieties that withstand the vagaries of a difficult climate without needing large amounts of expensive manufactured fertilisers.

Thank you to everyone bringing a great selection of fruit, vegetables, jams, cakes and goodies and then buying everyone else’s offerings for our feasting! Around £75 was raised from the sale of goods.